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A Swedish-made speed display may not sound so sensational. 

But just wait until you see the quality. 

Interested in selling Pacetell?  We are now looking for distributors all over Europe

And it only costs less than 2.000€ to increase the road and workplace safety.

In most cases, a sign indicating the speed of the vehicle leads to the speeding driver to slow down. It is therefore an effective way of increasing road safety. The problem is just that technology has been costly. But since a few years back there is a new type of speed display, developed and manufactured in Sweden. It is sturdy and durable, easy to handle and can be provided with a variety of accessories. And the price is a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional system with the same function. 

A state-of-the-art product....

.....which fits into a variety of areas where you wish motorists were more considerate.  


Innovative technology 

Thanks to the latest technology, we have significantly reduced the price and energy consumption. 


Traffic calming 

Studies show that with a speed display the average speed is reduced by at least 20% to 40%.


Manufactured in Sweden 

It fills us with pride and joy that we, together with our subcontractors, can produce Swedish top quality. 

How does it work?

Below you will find some simple videos which show how easy everything with Pacetell is.

Pacetell Original, Videos

We deliver, among others, to: 


What do our customers say about Pacetell?

We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We thank you for that! 

"It is the best thing that has happened to my guys, without Pacetell, the workplace feels so much unsafer” 

Roland Torstensson

Sandahls Grus & Asfalt

"After we put up a PaceTell sign in each direction, our workplace feels reasonably safe for the first time. What a difference, I can hardly believe that it is true!” 

Maskinlag 1303

PEAB Asfalt

“The first sign we bought has had a good speed-reducing effect. So now in 2018 we are buying another one." 

Claes Bergman

Stråvallastrands Vägförening

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