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Frequently asked questions

You can't find what you are looking for? Let us know and we'll do our best to help you. 

1. Can a PT Original be connected to both a battery and a fixed power source?

There are two ways, either you connect it to the direct current without going over on the battery or you connect it to a transformer which charges the battery. You can also connect it to a solar cell which charges the battery. 


2. On which poles does a PT Original fit?

Answer: In the original package, there comes two brackets that fit to 48-60 mm poles, if you wish to put the display on a bigger pole, then there are options with standard brackets up to 120 mm. This is an option which you will only have to notify us if you wish it.


3. Do you supply poles for the mounting of the speed display?

Answer: We can supply poles, but the freight will be so expensive, that we recommend you to buy it at the place where the speed display is going to be mounted. 


4. Can you supplement with a log in hindsight?

Answer: Yes, but either you have to install a new card that we send to you or you can send your entire Pacetell Original to us, we will install the log and send it back to you. 


5. If you order a solar panel, do you never have to charge the battery?

Answer: Given that we live in Sweden, our experience is that during the darkest months you need to charge the battery 2-5 times depending on where you live in Sweden. 


6. How long does it take to charge the battery?

Answer: A completely empty battery takes about 12 hours to get fully charged. 


7. How does your product warranty work, if the product breaks, will you come to us and repair it?

Answer: We have an exchange system which means that if the product were to break within two years, we would send you an exchange product, you would send the broken one back to us in the same packaging and we would stand for the freight. 


8. If our Pacetell were to break after the warranty period, where is then the service available?

Answer: You send it to us and we will provide a cost estimate before we start doing anything. 


9. If one buys your PT Log, does it show the speed from both directions, or only from the direction towards the display?

Answer: Our PT Log measures and collects traffic data from both directions and you can easily download the information in our Pacetell app (Iphone or Ipad). 


10. Does the speed display show the speed of the vehicles passing both from the front and from behind?

Answer: In our factory setting, only the speed of the vehicles that drive towards the display is shown. 


11. How to prevent individuals from playing "drag racing" against the speed display?

Answer: The factory setting is set in that way so that the display does not show speeds over 40 km/h above the speed limit set by you.


12. Can you see the LED lights at bright sunshine?

Answer: The LEDs we use are the latest technology and the intensity of the light is regulated according to how light or dark it is at the time you drive past it. 


13. Is it important that the speed display is on the right side of the road? 

Answer: It works well on roads not wider than 4-5 meters. 


14. We are thinking of moving the display between two different streets and where there are two different speed limits, is it difficult to change to a different speed?

Answer: You can do it very easily by unlocking the door and adjusting with a few button presses to the speed you want at this moment. 

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