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Pacetell’s background

The innovator of the Pacetell speed display is Peter Skörvald, who has a past in the electronics industry since just over 30 years. He attended a road association meeting where it was considered to install the 10th (tenth) speed bump on the road he drove home on every day. With the risk of constantly suffering whiplash injuries, Peter proposed to check if installing a speed display would prompt the drivers to slow down. 

No sooner said than done, of course Peter was given the assignment to contact those who sold such products in Sweden and he soon found out that they were far too costly for their road association. However, you could rent one to test it for 10 days AT A COST OF 10.000:-, so then Peter began to develop the electronics and two years later we were testing the first Pacetell sign. This is now almost 5 years ago and since then we have got lots of satisfied customers and more will there be.

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